Baby on Board

Finding the right baby items for the boat is a bit of a challenge so I'll be posting our favorites here as we find them, I have plenty of other items but won't be putting anything up that we haven't already started to use...

The Stroller: Bumbleride Indie

Positives: Lots of Bells, whistles, and extras. We need something durable as we walk most places over varying terrain and it will be exposed to a lot of weather. We have the sun and rain covers for it. It'll definitely be with us as he grows.  We also have the travel bag which will be nice on passage. We bought the carrycot which we no longer use on the stroller but he sleeps in next to our bed so we're getting good use from it.

Negatives: It's a bit big for the boat. I'm not entirely sure how I'm getting into the dinghy - a halyard may be involved. It is only 20 lbs so I can lift it and carry it on board but it's a good thing we are going to try to be in marinas for awhile.

The "High Chair": Graco 360
Positives: Compact, easily stored and moved. It fits all the way around my salon table and I'll be able to use it in the cockpit. My favorite part is that it swivels 360 degrees. My husband put him in it tonight and turned it around so he was facing me in the galley and I could reach over the counter and tend to him. I'll also be able to attach him to our hatch and turn him around in the cockpit when we eat dinners up top.

Negatives: Although it comes with a good travel bag I probably won't be grabbing it to go ashore because it's a little bigger than other attachable chairs and with all the other stuff it's just one more thing to fit into, and get in and out of, the dinghy. He's also not to keen on staying in it to long right now but I think when he starts solids in a few months and realizes it means food he'll probably change his mind.

Ikea Changing Pad
Super cheap, light weight, and portable. The sides blow up so it folds up and you can move it around with one hand while holding baby.

Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym
A tummy time mat that collapses so I can put it away. I've also collapsed it and put the toys over his high chair as well as taken the toys off and attached them elsewhere.

Ikea Waterproof PadsThey are much thinner and bigger than the waterproof pads I've found in the baby stores. Even I don't mind laying on them. Since he's had a few diaper accidents and spits up on occasion they are great to just keep under him wherever. I have six and should have gotten more - I'm really worried about the upholstery on the boat.

Fischer Price Backpack Diaper Bag: This isn't exactly the one I got. I think it's the new version which may even be better because it can be carried as a backpack or over the shoulder (would have been a good thing to have at the Sydney Opera House where they wouldn't let me have a backpack on the tour).  I love that the wipes case is right on the side and just pops open and it has a pocket on the front for pacifiers. I haven't used the insulated pocket but there is one as well as one for diapers, my wallet, and other goodies. This will be great for getting in and out of the dinghy and it was much cheaper than other bags.

Swaddle Designs Receiving Blankets: I love these! I want them in big kid size - actually they do cover my legs well. They are so soft and cozy and sturdy. I have washed them a bunch already and they just keep getting softer. I'll buy these as a gift for someone someday.

Light Weight Receiving Blankets: I got some swaddle design ones but the Aden & Anais one's are great too. It's nice when it's hot to have a blanket that isn't so thick and hot to cover MM up in. They are great for breast-feeding too.

Coolibar SPF Sun Blanket: Nice weight, feels nice, and most importantly is sun protective - so so important on a boat. Wish I would have gotten more of these.

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A little side note: There has been a lot of talk about sponsorship on blogs lately. I have not been sponsored by any of these companies nor have I received any of these items for free (unless they were gifts form friends and family), or been asked to review them. If I am ever offered a sponsorship for anything I will let you know and will give my honest opinion.
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