Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5 Best & Worst so far

Winnie the Pooh riding in boat for free clipart. His friends can ride the boat too!
What are the 5 Best & Worst Things about having a baby on a boat regarding...

1. Family:

  • B: We spend all day together as a family. Even if my husband and I are working we still have our little guy sitting right next to us and get to play with him while we work.
  • W: We miss our family. I wish my mom could see all the milestones as we pass them.

2. Free-time:

  • B: The days are fuller. What downtime we had before is gone. No more boredom on this boat.
  • W: When I want a little break there is no place on this boat to take bathtub to relax in and no quiet space away from everything.

3. Site-seeing:

  • B: Stuff is soooo much more exciting seeing it through a child's eyes.
  • W: It takes 10x longer to go anywhere and see anything. You really are forced to slow down.

4. Supplies & Gear:

  • B: You don't need as much. While I have to admit I would have liked to have decorated a nursery it is nice that we didn't have to spend mucho dinero on cribs, dressers, etc. etc.
  • W: When I need something it isn't a simple trip to the store. I have to figure out where to get it and how to get there. A looooong walk or renting a car. I also have to be much more careful about how it will fit into our space.

5: My husbands contribution to the list....

  • B: Someday our child will be able to swab the decks & change the oil.
  • W: Stinky pooh in a small space (just wait til my breastfed baby starts solids).

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