Thursday, May 31, 2012

New SEAiq Apps

A quick note: Apple just released 2 more of our apps.  For mariners in the USA, SEAiq Free is a free version of our chart plotter app SEAiq USA.  Some features require an in-app purchase, so this is intended as an easy way to try out SEAiq USA.

Of more interest to our mariner friends: we've also release SEAiq Open.  SEAiq Open is the only chart plotter app for iPads/iPhones that lets you use your own charts.  It supports both S-57 ('ENC') and CM93 formats.  Similar to SEAiq Free, SEAiq Open is free but requires an in-app purchase to enable all its features.  In particular, without the upgrade, the app cannot display charts with scale less than or equal to 1:50,000 (harbor).  If you are sailing outside US waters and have your own charts, this is this only app that will let you view them on your iPad/iPhone.

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