Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tips #1: Remembering your Swim Ladder

Last week I had a thought that Mark and I may have actually been at this long enough to have some little tips and tricks that might be useful to others planning or doing this (and some that might work on land too). At dinner I had Mark help me brainstorm and we actually came up with a decent list of things that I could start with. So for as many weeks as I can come up with a tip I'm going to try and post something every Tuesday. If any of my Raft-UP posts land on a Tuesday I'll move the tip to Mon or Wed.

Tip #1: Remembering your swim ladder

We’ve all done it. Started the engine, pulled up the anchor, started moving just to have someone start shouting and pointing because the swim ladder is still down. Mark and I came up with a quick easy fix to this problem. We sewed up a little flag that we put on the throttle. Unless you are one of those studs that sails off your anchor, you have to use the engine to move the boat so what better place to put the reminder (we tried the wheel first but somehow we did miss it there once.)

You can sew up a little flag like we did but almost anything obnoxious would work, an old scrunchy or sock would also be an easy fast solution. Although something that doesn't hold a lot of water is better.

This would work at home too. Trying to remember something for work or school tomorrow. Put a little flag on your front door or steering wheel. A little better than trying a string to around your finger.

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