Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Tips #2: Storing Liquids

There are certain supplies that I provision big and shampoo is one of those things. I'll admit it, I can be a brand snob about certain things and my shampoo is one of those things. I'm always on the lookout for the kind I like and at a decent price. When I find it I like to stock-up. When we left Puerto Rico heading for the Panama Canal I hit up the Sams Club big time unfortunately for me I stored the shampoo and conditioner bottles in one of my floor compartments and the tops came open on some of them. Have you ever had to clean soap? It sucks. Just keeps multiplying and there was a lot of it. After this little experience I decided I needed a better solution.

Last year I figured out the solution to the problem and now it is my standard for all most liquids. I purchased 2L white emergency water jugs from one of the organizing stores in New Zealand. Now when I purchase items I condense them into a single container. These containers fit nice and snug in one of my compartments. They take up less space and I don't have to worry about them rolling around or coming open.

I have containers for shampoo, mouthwash, windex, laundry soap... Okay I know what you are thinking isn't it a little dangerous to have everything in the same type of container. Probably but I have them labeled and if for any reason I wasn't sure what was in a container I would get rid of it before rinsing my mouth out with it. I can now store a lot more because I don't have a bunch of odd shaped containers.

I have smaller containers for the amounts I need on a daily/weekly bases and just fill those up when I need them.

I think someday when we move back to land I'll probably do this too. I love the idea of my storage cabinets all organized with matching containers.

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  1. I'm not laughing "at" you, I'm laughing "with" you because we've all been there. But your description of cleaning soap was just too too funny.


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