Thursday, January 17, 2013

I declare today "Saturday"

This is something Mark and I have been doing from pretty much the beginning. I realized that without the normal Monday to Friday routine somethings you'd normally do on a Saturday weren't getting done. One day I woke up and said to Mark "today is Saturday" and that is how we treated the day. We cleaned and did boat maintenance, tried not to open our computers (this one is hard for the two of us) or leave the boat.

On a boat the list of things that needs to get done just gets longer and longer. No matter what! And basic cleaning chores like the bathroom just take longer. There are a lot more little nooks and crannies to get into and what might be a quick wipe-down in a house take a lot longer on a boat. We don't declare a "Saturday" very often but we needed one today and usually when one of us declares it the other is in agreement that it needs to be done. So kitchen, bathroom, vacuum, laundry, bags from the hotel, toys, and scary scary scary front cabin of crap here I come.

Happy Saturday,


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