Friday, January 18, 2013

MM Turns 1

January 2012: 2 days old
January 2013: Almost 1
It didn't seem like it was going that fast and then boom here we are MM 1st B-Day and I as his mother am clearly more excited then him because for him it is just another day but for me it is the day that made my life better than I ever thought it could be. So in honor of this little guys day I thought I'd put together a little list of what my "big" boy has done over the course of his first year:

* 38,858: airline miles

* 2,656: road trip miles


    * 3,282: nautical miles sailed


    * 19: airplanes


    * 17: hotels

                   * 15: days - longest passage at sea

                   * 14: animals seen in the wild: Komodo dragon,
                      platypus, monkey, rhino, elephant, zebra, giraff, 
                      koala, kangaroo, koala, dolphin, warthog, water
                      buffalo, antelope

                   * 10: major cities: San Francisco, Brisbane, Melbourne, 
                      Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Bali, Salt Lake City, Perth, 
                      Cape Town

                    * 5: countries: USA, Australia, Indonesia, 
                      Reunion, South Africa


         * 2: off-shore passages

      * 1: Set of Parents that Love Him More Than the World!!!

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