Thursday, February 24, 2011

Earthquake Update

We are still out of Christchurch. Hopefully our building inspection will be completed by this weekend and we can get the last of our things. We are extremely lucky and happy that we were able to get out of the city unharmed and are in part of the country where we do not need to be concerned for our safety. Are prayers continue to go out to the people left in Christchurch and for the families who have lost, or are still looking for, loved ones. Please continue to also pray for us and our ability to return to collect our things. Most can be replaced but there are a few things of sentimental value that we would like to get back.

We have contacted the US Consulate regarding our status. If you are a US Citizen in New Zealand please contact the Consulate and let them know that you are okay even if you were not in or near Christchurch. They are compiling a list so that if anyone worried about a loved one does contact them they have all information available. They have set up a special e-mail address to do so, it is:
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