Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gearing up!

MM always finds the helm in every park!
It's almost time for us to be on the move again. The boat remains in Cape Verde, we have tickets to London, and our apartment is one gigantic mess but we have a plan... sort of. We realized that splitting our ticket to the Canary Islands is considerably cheaper than flying straight through so we'll be hitting England for a week or two and then continuing on. Mark will set me and the kids up in a hotel and then continue on to Cape Verde to pick up the boat and bring her up. Right now we plan to spend the winter in the Canaries rather than move the boat into the Med where it will begin to get cold in a few months.

I'm just happy I don't have to do this long-haul flight on my own. I suspect this picture is a good indication of what our next flight will be like.

While F. won't be much of a problem, he'll be the perfect 9 weeks old and probably sleep most of the way.

MM will definitely be a handful this go. Our last flight a few months ago he couldn't walk yet and was still relatively easy to entertain. His interests have grown and definitely wants to be on the go so I'm working hard to put together ideas for the plane and make sure we are well prepared for the journey. As you can see he is ready to go too and showed us all the places he wants to sail!

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