Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where have we been?

Since we've been MIA for awhile and people are starting to wonder what has happened to us I thought I better take a minute to get something up here and let you all in on the BIG news...

Baby #2 is on the way. That's right MM is getting a little... Our Dr. has given us an idea of what it is but we won't be letting on until we have confirmation in a few more months. Because of this we have changed our plans again!

Just like with MM, my seasickness has intensified with the pregnancy and we don't feel it's safe for me to be at sea not eating or drinking for days while being pregnant so I won't be doing much (any?) sailing for the next few months. Mark on the other hand will be doing a ton more sailing than we had planned. We were planning to go north through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand... and then probably shipping the boat into the Med. Since I'm not going to be sailing Mark has decided he'd like to take the opportunity to sail around South Africa (something I REALLY didn't want to do). So in a few days Mark will set off from Bali across the Indian Ocean. Since this is a long trip with a few good stopping points along the way we've decided that MM and I will fly to some of the locations and meet up with Mark so that we aren't going months without being together.

Once Mark gets the boat to South Africa we will assess the situation to see what will happen next. He will probably cross the Atlantic back into the Caribbean and bring the boat up to Florida where she will wait while we bring baby #2 into the world and are ready to sail again a few months after. If time doesn't permit Mark to get the boat all the way to Florida there are lots of other options and we'll think about them in a few months when we have to decide.

After the baby is born we will probably do some sailing up the east coast (quite frankly some of my favorite sailing) or head for the Med. It all depends on the seasons and weather and all that other stuff that dictates when and where we can go.

So that's what's up with us. I'll try to get back to regular blogging since hopefully I'll have more regular internet and keep you all up to date on Mark's progress. We also have a cool new toy for tracking Mark which I'll try to write something up about as soon as he gets going.
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