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Here are some of the books we have on board. We try not to keep to many actual books on board but we do have most of these in an actual physical form but some we do have digital. A good recommendation is to also scan or download all of the manuals that you can because they you can do a quick search for something rather than dig through the manuals to find an answer.

Sailing, Cruising, Boat Maintenance:

Anything by Nigel Calder - He is the boat god. We have most if not all of his books. If we have a maintenance issue we've learned to check Calder first. The four I know for sure we have on board are:
Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual - Mark LOVES this book
Marine Diesel Engines
Cruising Handbook
How to Read a Nautical Chart

World Cruising Routes by Jimmy Cornell - basically tells you where you can go and when. We use this book every time we plan a crossing. We've only found him to be wrong once and unfortunately it was the waypoint set for Brisbane when Mark was sailing solo to Australia.
World Cruising Destinations by Jimmy Cornell - We don't have this one. He had an older version, World Cruising Handbook, that went out of print before we started sailing. We've seen it on other boats so I would guess this one is as good. It lists the ports of calls and customs procedures. The only issue is that this stuff changes very regularly so since the book is now about 1.5 years old it may already be out of date.

The Voyager's Handbook by Beth Leonard - Good all around book about everything cruising.
Chapman Piloting & Seamanship - All the rules of boat handling, navigation, safety and etiquette.

Fun Reading:

The Motion of the Ocean by Janna Esarey - This book makes Mark and I laugh out loud. It is us in so many ways. If you really want to know what cruising is about read this!

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