Sunday, July 1, 2012

Raft-UP: Sailor or Traveler

Welcome to our second month of the Raft-UP blog hop. I've been so excited to have heard from so many people about how much they are enjoying all the posts.

Our topic this month is Sailor or Traveler? Since this can be a very difficult and different lifestyle we hope to give you some insight into why and how we all have chosen to do this and how we approach it.

Once again we have some great writers lined up. Some have been at sea for years and others just starting out. We have professional writers and those who have barely written a blog post. Should be a good mix of opinions. You can now read the bios, and find links to, on our past topics and writers on the Raft-UP Past Topics page. With out further ado, this months schedule and a short intro of our new writers.

July 2nd: Jane (returning blog, new writer)
Last month we had the pleasure of reading Ean's post and this month you'll get a little something different from his partner in crime Jane.

July 3rd: Stephanie @ (returning writer)
July 4th: Behan @ (returning writer)

July 5th: Jessica @ (new writer)
Boat: 50' Hatteras Motor Yacht
Crew: Jessica, husband GR, and nine year old Gia have switched from sailing to power boating. The three have been at sea for good while and absolutely love it. It'll definitely be nice to hear the views of someone who has lived on both a sailboat and power boat as this doesn't happen very often.

July 6th: Tammy@ (returning writer)
July 7th: Jaye @ (returning writer)

July 8th: Diane @ (new writer)
Boat: Ceilydh a heavily modified Wood's Meander 40' Catamaran
Crew: Diane, husband Evan and and 10-year-old daughter Maia are a family of three from Vancouver, BC living on a catamaran with their Cat Charlie. Three years ago they set sail to explore Mexico before heading across the Pacific in 2011. They previously spent 3.5 years sailing a 28' monohull from Alaska, down through the Panama canal and Western Caribbean before heading up the east coast to Annapolis, MD where Maia was born. They are currently spending time in Brisbane allowing Diane the time to work as a freelance writer for a variety of magazines and newspapers. She also has a number of book credits to her name including the up coming "Complete Idiots Guild to Sailing" due to release in March of 2013. If you'd like to see what else Diane has written you can check out her writing website

July 9th: Lynn (returning writer)

July 10th: Stacey (new writer)
Boat: Bella Vita a Hylas 45.5
Crew: Stacey and Brett are just gearing up to set out cruising. They plan to set sail from Seattle in early September, make their way down the California coast and leave for Mexico in November. They would like to explore from the Sea or Cortez down to Zihuatanejo and back-up to Puerto Vallarta before heading across the Pacific in March of next year. Here is your chance to follow someone from the start. Read about the preparations and challenges of moving on board from the beginning.

July 11th: Head back here to svnorthfork for my post, wrap-up, and your chance to link up your blog posts on whether you consider yourself more of a sailor or a traveler.

I hope you enjoy what everyone has to say this month. Each writer chooses what they want to write about within the given topic. I have no idea what is coming and am just as excited as you to read it. I try to give them one or two questions each month to ponder and include in their post. This month I asked if their views on traveling and sailing have changed at all since starting and whether they think the boat helps or hinders their ability to travel. It'll be interesting to hear what they have to say.

If you would like to be a part of the Raft-UP blog hop you can link your articles on the last day of the hop each month or fill out the interest form if you would like to become a featured writer. 

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