Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Raft-UP: Clothes and Laundry

I'm posting via e-mail from Indonesia so I hope this works. Yes, Mark and I made a last minute decision a few weeks ago to head out of Australia and I'll fill you all in soon but first this months Raft-UP topic and schedule. 

This month we are hitting on something that every boat has to deal with.... Clothes and Laundry. One of my not so favorite things about being on the boat. Head on down the list and stop back here at the end of the month to hear what I've got to say on the matter. 

We have a few new writers this month and I'm sure you'll enjoy what they've got to say. Verena has an interesting background as a hydrographic surveyor (you know all those little soundings you see on your charts - well she used to take those up in Alaska) and Toast has a bunch of kids on board so I'm sure she'll have plenty to say on this months topic. I'm sorry not to give them a proper intro but being that I have limited internet I'm feeling lucky to even be getting this up on time! 

The next few months will be a little shaky as I have no idea what my internet availability will be so bear with me as Mark and I explore a very new and different country.

4th:  Lynn @
5th: Ean @ - I just have to say that I love that the Man on the boat will be writing this one!
11th: Verena @ (new writer)
12th: Toast @ (new writer)

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