Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm really outnumbered!

Our newest crew arrived May 3rd. It's gonna be three boys and me. I might have to hang some pink curtains or do something really girly to the boat so everyone is aware of who's in charge :)

Our focus has quickly gone from prepping for Finnley Oliver's birth to prepping for a return to Northfork. We will hopefully be heading back to the boat at the end of June. We are waiting on FO's passport so we can purchase plane tickets and finalize our return date.

We previously planned on Mark flying back at the beginning of June and moving the boat to somewhere in the Med and me and the kids joining him at the beginning of July but we have changed our plans once again. As of now we have decided that we will most likely winter in the Canary Islands. We will all fly together and Mark will help me set up in a hotel somewhere and then he will go pick up the boat in Cape Verde. Hopefully it'll be a quick easy passage as it is only about 800 miles. He's becoming a really good solo sailor (knock on wood!)

I'm personally getting really excited. I've been reading up on the Canary Islands and it looks like it'll be a great place to be for awhile. There is tons to do, nice weather, architecture, arts, and easy access to medical care. We may even make a real effort to learn a little Spanish while we have a chance. 

As you can see MM is really enjoying his new baby brother and I can't wait till the two of them can really play together. This next year is going to be really fun!

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  1. Hey! I can't believe you have two little boys! How wonderful. I love following your blog.

    (we met at the sewing summit in 2011)


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