Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Canberra - Australia's Capital

Canberra is the capital of Australia so we decided that we should try to visit there if we got the chance. Since we took the inland route we would be passing to close to not swing down and see it. When we got to our hotel we felt as if we were still far from the city but in fact we were only about 10 minutes. The city is interesting because it is a totally planned city. Sydney and Melbourne fought over who would get to be the capital and so it was decided that a new city would be built. A contest was opened and an American Architect from Chicago submitted the winning plan. It is very similar in design to Washington, DC.

In the morning we headed into town and our luck was with us again. When we stopped at the iSite we were informed that we could tour the parlament building for free and with no reservation and if we hurried we'd make the 10am tour. So we hopped back in the car. We couldn't believe how little security there was for a government building. We had to go through the metal detectors but Mark brought in a drink and I was wearing a hat and we had all the baby stuff with us but it wasn't a problem. Even if we hadn't planned on taking the tour the building is almost completely open to the public.

You can even rent this ballroom for weddings and private functions. The tour guide told us she believed it only cost around $5000 to do so and not to quote her so of couse here I am quoting her. That is a tapestry of a painting that hangs outside right outside the room.

The building was very interesting and again designed by an American architect. The seating in the two chambers are green and rose based on the eucalyptus tree and some flower.

After the tour we took the elevator to the roof of the building and took in the view then off to lunch.

After lunch we hit the National Museum but weren't really impressed so we headed over to the...

...War Memorial Museum which we enjoyed much more.

After watching the closing ceremony for the museum we sat in the grass out front with MM and I took some pics of my favorite guys.


MM loved the flag and yes Mark even took a few of me.

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