Monday, April 9, 2012

Heading South to Melbourne

After our whirl-wind stop at the boat to drop-off and pick-up stuff we were ready to explore Australia. We were both up about 4am because of the time difference so we got moving early dropped the rest of our stuff off at the boat and realized we had time to spare before our flight to Melbourne so we decided to make a quick trip down to see our friends on Tahina who are docked just about an hours south and just a half hour from the airport. We got a bite to eat with them, caught up on a few things, and gave them a chance to meet our new crew.

After breakfast we headed to the airport. We were both pretty tired by now but we did alright getting down to Melbourne. I don't think the cabin pressure was as good on this flight as our other two. There were a ton of babies on this flight and most were crying. I noticed myself popping my ears too. But MM did okay. He was a little fussy so I just kept him eating and he made it through okay.

Mark and I did it again...we rented to small of a car. What were we thinking? The problem wasn't the amount of stuff we brought (even though we did bring Mark's Paragliding Kite that is huge). It's that we can no longer use the back seat. Since the baby is back there we don't want anything flying around and when he is fussy it's good for one of us to sit with him. So after trying to get into the smallest vehicle Hertz had Mark went in and asked for something a little bigger. It's still not the best car but we are managing to get most of our stuff in the trunk and have some room for us in the backseat if we need it.

After finally getting the car situated we headed for Mark's friend James' house who is currently here on sabbatical. Lucky for us we got down to see him and his family. MM was quite fussy almost the who time we were there. I think his tummy was a little upset - he doesn't do well if I have any dairy and I think I must have eaten something and don't remember or I read that plane rides can upset little tummies. Thank goodness I had Cathy to help. An in spite of the fact he was fussy and just wanted to be carried everywhere we did get to see a few things.

On our first day there we took the train into town to a book fair at the library. The building is just stunning. Apparently the windows inside had problems leaking so they were originally just covered up. Can you image this building without all the light?

On Monday Mark and I took a walk around the city and saw as much as we could and took a nice walk down the river where of couse I enjoyed my new favorite past time...taking pictures of my little boy!

Tuesday we enjoyed a nice lunch downtown with Cathy and James and they took us to a wonderful bakery with so many good treats. I don't know if it is good or bad that I couldn't have dairy because I couldn't have much which kept me from eating too much but I really wanted to try more treats.

Wednesday took us out to the Chandon winery. It was a great winery as it was beautiful (as most are), we had a great lunch, and we could walk around and see the different parts of the winery on our own.

We headed out Thursday but not before taking a walk along Brighton Beach and having lunch. These bathing boxes are really famous and sell for an incredible about of money.

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