Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kangaroos and Koalas - The Great Ocean Road

After leaving Melbourne we started going west instead of east and straight to Sydney. All the books listed the Great Ocean Road as a must in Melbourne so we decided to see what it was all about. We had made a reservation in Port Campbell the night before knowing that the kids would be going on Easter break and wanting to be prepared for all the travelers. There weren't many towns on the way but we did drive through Apollo Bay which looked interesting and if Cathy hadn't told me about a spot I might see Koalas we probably would have stopped for a short break. Luckily we made it to the turn off for the Cape Otway Lighthouse before dark. After driving a few kms I was so excited to see the koalas right over my head. After a short break and tons of photos we headed out toward Port Campbell.

As I was driving Mark suddenly yells out "Kangaroo, you just drove past a kangaroo. Pull over!" So I did and he sent me back to see it and take pictures while he stayed in the car with MM. Loving my husband for letting me go back and see it. I got a few shots before it hip-hopped back into the forest. It was pretty exciting to see a true wild kangaroo. The second one was a little less exciting as I was expecting to see another one and it was standing on the side of the road looking as if he was about to jet right out in front of me. I swerved missed him and he turned around and bounced off. That was a close one. I'm pretty sure they probably do as much damage as deer.

When we got to Port Campbell Mark looked up Apollo Bay to see if we had missed something good and yes we did. There was a paragliding site. We decided after seeing the Twelve Apostles, an area of the coast where the waves have cut away certain areas leaving a collection of limestone stacks (the big thing to see on this drive). And so the next day we did just that. We made the two stops on the way back to see the coast line and made the big decision that MM was now ready to be put in his stroller without the bassinet. We decided that he really wants to see out so we put him in and covered him up with his sun blanket and sunshade to protect him from the harsh Australian sun.

When we got back to Apollo Bay we headed for the paragliding site hoping to get a little info on how to fly there. Unfortunately the owners of the property and people you pay to fly had no real info other than to call the company that takes tandem passengers from there. Mark did and left a message. Unfortunately the next day had strong winds and we knew Mark wouldn't be able to fly so we decided to start heading north towards Sydney.

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